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OAC Ministries is made up of a group of evangelists using as many creative ways as possible to present the Good News of the love of God.

Many of our evangelists are involved in leading teams and preaching in the open air in High Streets across the country, using visual methods of communication such as the sketchboard, escapology or tricks to stop and engage people with the gospel. It is a great way to meet with people and share about the love of God.

We also have one of the most extensive schools ministries in the United Kingdom. Thousands of school children are spoken to each week during term time in assemblies as well as in RE Classes. We present Bible stories and Bible truths in relevant, engaging and contemporary ways using different styles of presentation including sketchboard, tricks, puppets and PowerPoint. The sense of excitement which greets our staff is quite extraordinary and a testament to their effective communication skills.

We have many opportunities in Secondary Schools across the country. One recent resource is the presentation “24 Hours that Changed the World” This is a fantastic way to work together with Christians from local churches to pre sent the meaning of Easter and what it means to be a Christian today.

Many of our evangelists are involved in local church missions, including holiday clubs and beach missions, which bring Christians together to reach out to their local communities.

One of our staff, based in the port of Falmouth, is involved in co-operation with the 'Seamen's Christian Friend Society' in visiting ships to share the gospel with the crew. Others are involved in prison ministry, creative art projects, youth camps, apologetics, as after-dinner speakers and so much more.

All OAC Evangelists are part of a local church but also work in teams and with other Christians, to train and encourage them in evangelism and to help them find creative ways to share the ‘Good News.’

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