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Training is an important aspect of the OAC ministry . All our Evangelists can provide training to local churches, missions and societies and will tailor what they bring to the needs of the people that they are working with. So whether you want to reach out to your local community or school, or learn new and exciting methods of communication, OAC may well be able to help you.

Streetwise | Residential

OAC GB Streetwise Residential

This Year, Streetwise Residential Course is being launched in Cardiff from 3-7 July.

Streetwise is a practical course for those wanting to learn how to do street evangelism. You will learn how to give your testimony, how to preach on the streets, how to make an appeal, working as a team, gospel magic and much more.

Each day will include devotions, teaching sessions, practice time and going out onto the streets of Cardiff to share the gospel. Using the sketchboard will be the main focus but there will be opportunity to learn and try other creative evangelism methods. By the end of the week you should have had the opportunity to share your faith and preach on the streets and you will return home with lots of new ideas.

There is maximum limit of 15 people who will be accommodated in shared rooms in Hebron Hall, Dinas Powys. The course will be led by Marten Holmes (OAC National Director), Steve Harris (Training Director) and Steve Gurnett (London Director).

The cost for full board accommodation and all training will be £150.

For more information please download the OAC Streetwise Training Course Booking Form or wish to book today please contact OAC GB Office


OAC GB Streetwise

Streetwise is a course run on one Saturday per month over a 6 month period in order to cause minimum disruption to your normal schedule. It will sharpen your evangelistic skills and give you the opportunity to be taught by and work with experienced evangelists. Completing the course will mean you have the confidence and ability to communicate the gospel on the streets, to children, teenagers and adults. As a consequence you will be a more effective worker in your local church. Courses usually run in London but sometimes run elsewhere.

OAC have helped me to become confident in using the sketchboard. I recently went on their Streetwise course and as a result I am increasingly using the sketchboard in open air work, teaching at family services and school assemblies. I found the team that do the teaching very encouraging and great fun to be with.

They take time helping you produce the best possible results and I received many helpful suggestions which improved my speaking and sketchboard presentations so that I can communicate clearly. I appreciated their clear presentation of the gospel and their step-by-step approach to learning a good technique on the sketchboard. They also have a treasure trove of tricks, good advice for work on the streets, with children and in family services.

I have recently come back from India and Poland where I used the sketchboard. Those watching were intrigued with the words appearing on the board as I spoke which helped to underline the message. I would thoroughly recommend the OAC team and courses to anyone wanting to learn to communicate and add ‘tools’ to reaching people for Jesus as well as helping in children’s work both inside and outside the church.

Roger Cole (Minister of Henley-on-Thames Baptist Church)

For more information please download the OAC Streetwise Training Course Booking Form or wish to book today please contact OAC GB Office

Primary Schools Training Seminar

OAC Ministries Primary Schools Training Seminar

Do you ever have the opportunity to take Primary School assemblies - or do you wish you did? Do you talk to primary aged children in other contexts, Messy Church for example, or Sunday School, Family Services, or All Age Worship? If so, this seminar is for you!

You will learn how to take a relevant, gripping, stunning assembly that will hold the attention of the children (and the teachers), conform to the requirements of the law and still communicate the gospel. Learn storytelling, illustration and communication. All the skills learnt would also apply to any other context in which you work with primary aged children.

The seminar is an intensive five-day course running from June 15th to 19th and there will be opportunity to put all you learn into practice at the end of the week.

Dawn is a qualified teacher who has been taking assemblies in over 70 primary schools for the last 29 years. She also works with children in many other church contexts including Messy Church, kids clubs and All Age Worship services. There are many people, all over the country, who have an ongoing schools ministry as a result of having been trained in this seminar.

If you have any enquiries about the Primary School Training SeminarSeminar or wish to book today please contact OAC GB Office

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