Pray for OAC Wales

3rd December 2015
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Pray for OAC Wales
Pray for OAC Wales

OAC Ministries is a faith based ministry seeking to “Present Christ by all means everywhere.” Evangelists can be seen in a whole manner of different places interacting with all sorts of people for one reason - to show them the Good News of Jesus.

This Christmas, we are featuring a short news & prayer updates for our five regions, so please take time to read and pray for our Evangelists who are tirelessly working to sow in their harvest field, the area in which they serve, that most importantly that God would bring in increase.

Pray for OAC Wales

OAC Wales started in the 1980's with Pete Hodge, today there are Three Evangelists, and two Trainee Evangelists across South Wales. Here are the latest updates & prayer requests from Wales team.

Steve Harris (Branch Director)

During our recent OAC Wales Committee meeting we were talking about the vision of OAC in Wales; looking at what we felt God was saying for the future and how to grow. One of the phrases that came from Kevin was how he felt we needed to look to plug the gap.

We currently have OAC evangelists in Cardiff and Swansea and it was felt that the next step forward would be to plug the gap between the two, looking for new evangelists in the Bridgend and Neath areas.

Pray that God would release man and woman to become part of OAC & work as labourers in the harvest field of Wales.

Pete Hodge (Evangelist)

I am so encouraged to see the OAC team here in Wales continuing to grow, just recently Steve Harris's wife Becky has joined us as a trainee evangelist- they have their own individual gifts but also both work together well as a team. Now we have Kevin Welch from just outside Cardiff and also Becky who are both in training.

Paul Davies is seeing his ministry getting very established and flourishing there in Swansea and off course there are Jonathan and his brother Steve (the other Steve Harris), Gary, Alun up in Pontypridd, Josh & Alanna here in Cardiff, Adam - our Welsh speaking evangelist, Tony in Newport, a great team - all of them “Presenting Christ by all means, everywhere”.

Please pray for the development of a new Secondary schools package looking at the evidence for the Resurrection called CSI Jerusalem. That it would be an effective tool for Churches to present the Resurrection in a clear and relevant way.

Paul Davies (Evangelist)

Before a recent assembly: "Mr Davies, you always 'tells' us stories about Jesus, don't you?" "Yes, of course" I replied. "Mr Davies? You 'loves' Jesus, don't you?" "Yeah absolutely" I said "Oh good, so do I!" said the little Year 4 boy.

Thanking God for the great gospel developments in Swansea, including the expansion of the Schools Ministry & Children/Youth Work in the City as well as Kapow Kids Events (One-Day Events). Pray for wisdom in the developing the work, as well as training a new generation of evangelists to work in Swansea and further afield.

Kevin Welch (Trainee)

Praising God for the first year working in OAC, and for the amazing blessings on my family particularly my son. Despite Health issues, God has continued to work and pray for finish training soon, and start to 'full the gap' of ministry in Wales.

Becky Harris (Trainee)

Becky Harris officially started with OAC in October, and have already hit the ground running in terms of her training and ministry alongside her husband, Steve. Please pray They have Schools coming to the Church over Christmas for a Special Christmas Presentation, as well as the continued work in Schools & Churches in the new year.

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