Pray for OAC North & Midlands

16th December 2015
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Pray for OAC North & Midlands
Pray for OAC

OAC Ministries is a faith based ministry seeking to “Present Christ by all means everywhere.” Evangelists can be seen in a whole manner of different places interacting with all sorts of people for one reason - to show them the Good News of Jesus.

This Christmas, we are featuring a short news & prayer updates for our five regions, so please take time to read and pray for our Evangelists who are tirelessly working to sow in their harvest field, the area in which they serve, that most importantly that God would bring in increase.

Pray for North & Midlands Region
John Heywood (Evangelist)

Pray for John and the team as they continue to minister in the West Midlands region.

Geoff Beckingham (Evangelist)

We thank the Lord for every opportunity to share his love and his gospel message as he gives us special ‘anointed’ opportunities – the light shines in the darkness. For me these times encourage and bless me with a rush of love and joy from the Lord to use me, yes even me, and to send me on my way yet again.

John Howarth (Evangelist)

It has been a mixed year physically, however God has kept us. Early on in the year I did an assembly and a member of staff approached me afterwards with tears in her eyes, thanking me profusely and saying that she knew what I was saying was the truth. In between this I continued to do some open air preaching in Preston and Blackpool.

As ever we are indebted to the teams that come out with us and do that vital one to one work. It is amazing what contacts and life stories we pick up on. Some people were willing to talk while others accepted literature which they promised to read.

It is these encouragements which keep us working hard to tell people everywhere about the Good News of Jesus.

Roger and Rosemary Gray (Evangelist)

It has been a great 2015, with lots of changes to my ministry, but God has truly blessed the workers. Volunteers in Bridlington and Scarborough have been trained in Open Air work. Roger visits Scarborough once a month to encourage the workers and be part of the team. We have also joined the Cornerstone Church, we are both involved in its ministry. We have sensed God's help and enabling in many situations. We both enjoy good health, generally.

God has been faithful to us, and we thank Him for you all. Continue to pray for the work and for more workers to continue in the long term. Thanks for your fellowship in the gospel!

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