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23rd April 2015
OAC Ministries GB
OAC Primary School Training
OAC Primary School Training Seminar This June with Dawn Getley!
Here at OAC, we love to train people in the work of evangelism. In June, Dawn Getley will be leading the OAC GB Schools Training Seminar in Plymouth. She updated OAC GB website with the latest about this year's Seminar.

Whether you have opportunities in Primary Schools, Messy Church, or Family Services - This seminar is for you! You could learn how to take a relevant, gripping, stunning assembly that will hold the attention of the children (and the teachers), conform to the requirements of the law and still communicate the gospel. Learn storytelling, illustration and communication. All the skills learnt would also apply to any other context in which you work with primary aged children.

The seminar is an intensive five day course running from June 15th to 19th and there will be opportunity to put all you learn into practice at the end of the week.

Dawn is a qualified teacher who has been taking assemblies in over 70 Primary School for the last 29 years. She also works with children in many other church contexts nationally and internationally. There are many people, all over the country, who have an ongoing schools ministry as a result of having trained in this seminar.

If you have any enquiries about the Primary School Training Seminar or wish to book today please contact OAC GB Office

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