Au revoir and Bonjour OAC!

27th August 2015
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Bonjour OAC. Peter Kennelly. New Man in France!
Au Revoir & Bonjour OAC. Peter Kennelly. New Man in France!
After working with OAC in North London for 15 years, evangelist Peter Kennelly and his wife Alison have left the UK and moved to France to pursue a new calling...

Peter has worked full-time with OAC since 1999, serving the Lord as a staff evangelist for the first 11 years and then as the National Director for the last four. Peter, Alison and their three children, were based in North London. Prior to that he was the Pastor of a Baptist church and before that an assistant in another London church.

Peter says, “Even though I was so “London-centric” I have always had a heart for France and for the need for the gospel to go to the French people. France has a reputation of being one of the least evangelised countries in Western Europe; maybe nowadays since the curtain and the wall have disappeared, in all of Europe.”

Alison and Peter believe that the Lord has called them to live and work in France for a period of time, so in August 2014 they left London for a Christian language school in Massy—30 minutes outside of Paris. At the end of their course in June they moved to live and work in Bordeaux.

OAC has had a work in France for many years. Some years ago there was a team of committed people preaching, training and working with churches up and down the country. However, for various reasons, today there is just one Associate Evangelist, Peter Kent, who faithfully preaches week by week in various locations on the streets of Paris and, from time to time, in other parts of the country through organising or being part of missions.

Over the years Peter Kennelly has also taken part in a number of missions in France and more regular outreaches on the streets of Paris. Peter says, “To be honest, it was a bit of a surprise when the Lord called us to live and work here, but we are sure it is His will for us because at the same time He did some really miraculous things in our lives to assure and re-assure us that this was indeed of Him.”

Please pray for Peter and Alison as they continue to learn the language and culture, and to discover just what the Lord would have them do in France. They have a very ‘OAC style ministry’ so they know that the main part will be street and proclamation evangelism. How that works best in a foreign (to them) country and in a different city from the vast metropolis of Paris, they are yet to find out.

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