We now have a NEW and FREE online evangelism training course for street evangelism.

Recognising that it is often difficult to commit to a whole week of training we are now offering online evangelism training for street evangelism. All the theory modules will be done by Zoom or by video.

Once the theory has been completed we will discuss with you individually how to put it all into practice. Maybe you will be able to join one of our regular street team. You may prefer to join one of the OAC summer missions. Alternatively an OAC team might be able to come to your church for the weekend and go out onto the streets.

For more information on the next online training course email the National Director using the contact form HERE.

Online modules will be as follows:-

Zoom sessions will include:-

  • What is the Gospel?
  • How to share your story.
  • Starting and maintaining conversations.
  • Defending your beliefs.

Videos will include:-

  • The law and street evangelism.
  • Working as a team member on the streets.
  • Literature evangelism.
  • The Engel Scale.
  • Using a sketchboard 
  • Other creative methods, techniques and ideas for street evangelism.

We also have a recommended reading list. If you would like to see the list of books please email us.