StreetWise Intensive –  training week

“I appreciated their clear presentation of the Gospel and their step-by-step approach to learning a good technique… They also have a treasure trove of tricks and good advice for working on the streets, with children and in family services.”

We’ve been evangelising on the streets of Britain since 1963, which give us well over half a century of experience at the sharp edge. So if you’re interested in learning open-air evangelism, or just want to hone your existing skills, we offer the benefit of our experience through a training course called Streetwise.

Streetwise is a very practical residential evangelism training course which takes place over 5 days; for 2020, it’s being offered in Cardiff. However, if it suits you better, Streetwise is also offered as a monthly course  – delivered one Saturday a month from January to June, usually in London.

Streetwise 2020 course details

Location: Cardiff
Dates: 22 – 26h June 2020
Cost: £90
Basis: Limited accomodation may be offered with church families
Maximum attendees: 15

Who’s leading the course?

Streetwise Residential 2020 will be led by:
Marten Holmes, OAC National Director
Steve Harris, OAC Training Director
Steve Gurnett, OAC London Director.

Streetwise training

Streetwise Residential benefits

  • You’ll learn from highly experienced street evangelists
  • You’ll develop a variety of creative evangelism skills, including storytelling and sketchboarding
  • You’ll build the confidence and skills needed to share the gospel in the open air
  • You’ll learn how best to approach evangelism with children, teenagers and adults
  • You’ll empower and equip your own church
  • You’ll be able to share your skills and new ideas on your return home.

“I’m very glad I attended Streetwise – it highlighted different techniques for preaching the gospel to both adults and children in a manner that isn’t off-putting or disrespectful to others. It also explores the legal aspects of public evangelism. I will definitely be recommending the course!”


Streetwise evangelism course content

As part of the course you’ll learn how to:

  1. Preach on the streets
  2. Give your testimony
  3. Make an appeal
  4. Work as part of an evangelistic team
  5. Use the sketchboard plus other creative evangelism methods
  6. Offer helpful literature.

Each day will include devotions, teaching sessions and practice time. By the end of the week, you should have had the opportunity to share your faith and preach on the streets.

Streetwise group

Run Streetwise in your organisation

Streetwise can also be tailored for your own church or organisation, and delivered in the format, location and duration of your choice. Please ask us for more information.

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