Train to be an Evangelist

OAC offers a superb evangelism training programme. We’ll train you to evangelise confidently and effectively in all settings in order to fulfil our mission of presenting Christ by all means everywhere.

Are you feeling a call to evangelism and sharing the Gospel?  Are you looking for a network of like-minded people who can train and support you?  We offer excellent training and mentoring for those who believe God is calling them to be an Evangelist.

Evangelism within a changing world

The challenges facing evangelists are growing and changing faster than ever.  We need to be equipped with a solid understanding of how to be effective with today’s audiences, and how to position ourselves within modern society:

  • What’s the law as it applies to open-air evangelism?
  • What are the differences between proclamation evangelism and lifestyle evangelism?
  • How can you encourage churches and individuals to get stuck into evangelism?
  • Is it possible to present the Gospel in 5 minutes, using everyday language?
  • How should you develop and run a schools ministry, children’s mission or youth camp?
  • What’s the best way to use storytelling to grab people’s attention?
  • What kind of techniques can make public evangelism more powerful?

OAC’s 3-part training programme

Our robust evangelism training programme has 3 components, and is overseen by our National Director and by an OAC evangelist local to you.  The 3 components are:

  1.  A comprehensive OAC evangelism training course lasting 12 months
  2. Practical evangelism training, which involves visiting OAC evangelists around the UK
  3. At least one year spent at a recognised Bible college of your choice (or equivalent).
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Evangelism training programme content

Our course content is comprehensive, involving practical evangelism, personal development and management skills.  Over the 12 months, you would cover a huge range of subjects, such as:

  1. The role of the Evangelist – the Evangelist’s gifts, ministry and relationship with the church
  2. Practical evangelism – how to work in the open air; schools ministry; organising a mission; evangelising children, teenagers and adults; the law; apologetics; evangelistic counselling; and other religions, atheists and cults
  3. Evangelism methods – including sketchboarding, preaching, storytelling, Gospel magic, escapology, ventriloquism, puppetry, multimedia, video and music
  4. Sharing your ministry – representing your work to others verbally and in writing, including one-to-one, in meetings and publicly; teaching others
  5. Personal development – Godly lifestyle; accountability; time management; record-keeping; team-building; leadership; money management, receiving hospitality
  6. Developing your ministry – starting and developing a ministry; networking; rights and responsibilities, raising financial support

What sort of people are we looking for?

We want to hear from all sorts of men and women, of all ages and backgrounds.  What matters is that you are a Christian and have a sense of calling to share the Gospel creatively.  You’ll also need to have completed – or be willing to complete – at least one year at Bible college or equivalent.  You’ll need to feel relaxed about being self-employed, willing to raise your own finance and working largely independently once you’ve completed our evangelism training programme.


What does being an OAC evangelist entail?

You’ll work independently as a self-employed person, choosing your own approach and audiences as directed by your calling, skills and interests.  You will benefit from:

  • A monthly financial contribution from OAC during your training (as funds allow)
  • Prayer support
  • Pastoral support for you and your family
  • Personal and professional development through training, conferences and workshops.
  • Being part of a local support group.

Looking for an evangelism internship?

We have also run our training programme as an internship for those looking to explore evangelism during a gap year or similar.  If this is something that you would be interested in then please contact us.

Want to know more about becoming an evangelist?

Please contact us for more information.

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