Here are some common FAQs – but if yours isn’t listed, please email us or call 07779 048823 and we’ll be happy to help.

Are you still offering evangelism training during COVID-19?

Our Streetwise evangelism training course has had to be suspended due to the pandemic, as have our street outreaches. However, our Evangelism Toolkit is delivered online, so we’re still offering that. It’s suitable for both individuals and organisations, and it’s an ideal way to plunge into evangelism, brush up your skills, or learn new approaches and techniques.

Are you doing any street evangelism near me?

We have street evangelists across the majority of the UK. When we’re able to do outdoor work, you’ll find the details on our street outreaches page. 

How much do your evangelism training courses cost?

Wherever possible, our training is FREE to both individuals and organisations. The only time we ask a fee is when we have to cover room hire, refreshment costs etc, and that’s just for our Streetwise evangelism training. We keep those costs as low as possible: to date this has always stayed under £130 for the full Streetwise course.

What is OAC?

As OAC GB, we’re the UK arm of Open Air Campaigners International, a worldwide mission, bound by common statements of purpose and faith. Open Air Campaigners International was founded in Australia in 1892 and spread to New Zealand, North America and Great Britain in 1968 – and from there to Europe. Today, there are OAC evangelists involved in regular ministry in 26 countries.

How can we trust your evangelism methods?

  • We’ve been doing this for around 60 years
  • We work closely with churches across many denominations
  • We’re a member of the Evangelical Alliance.
  • We are a registered charity, registration number 1174749
  • We have a board of well-respected and experienced trustees
  • We know the law on street evangelism

Do I need to be artistic to learn to do the sketchboard?

No, anyone can learn sketchboard skills. In fact, those who can paint sometimes find it harder because they set themselves higher artistic standards.

Does OAC run summer or short term missions where I can join the team?

Yes, there are usually several missions in the UK each year, and we’re very happy for people to join the team. Ideally we like to have people who’ve joined one of the regular street outreaches, because then we know you, and you know how we operate. If we don’t already know you, we’ll need a recommendation from your church leader.

How IS OAC GB funded?

We are generously supported by individuals and churches who give their time, prayer  support and donations to help maximise our effectiveness. This is how we’re able to offer our training for free or at a very low cost.

How are OAC Evangelists funded?

All OAC evangelists are self-employed and are funded by regular and one-off gifts from churches and personal supporters. They also receive any gifts offered for taking church services, holiday clubs, evangelistic services, etc.

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