Evangelism training for churches

Anyone could do what we do – and we’d love it if they did! That’s why we want to train your church. We have ideas and skills, and so do you. Imagine if we got together…

We’re keen to partner with local churches, either to provide evangelism services ourselves (such as a mission or a holiday club), or to train you how to do those things well.  Often, the two go hand in hand.  We start out helping a local church, while they join in and watch what we do.  Then they’re ready to go it alone in future and we think that’s wonderful!

Whatever evangelism training you need, we can help.  If you have a specific need – for example, preparing for a mission in your area – we can put a programme together just for you: your local context, what you want to achieve, who’s going to be trained, and who you’re trying to reach.

Your evangelism training could include:

  • Aspects of evangelism – We offer the benefit of our long experience when it comes to giving your testimony effectively; gentle apologetics; answering big questions; how to run special services; how to handle objections and rejections; and following up.  You could opt for our free online Evangelism Essentials, or we could arrange bespoke training for your context.
  • How to do street evangelism – We’ve been engaged in street evangelism for around 60 years, so we’re ideally placed to help you learn.  We teach techniques like sketchboarding, Gospel magic, chatting to people, giving away tracts…the list is almost endless.  Find out about our Streetwise evangelism training.
  • How to go into schools – We’ll cover how to build and maintain relationships with schools; how to support school staff in delivering their collective act of worship; how to present an attention-grabbing lesson or assembly; and how to express your message.
  • How to run a church mission – We’ll show you how to plan and run an evangelistic church mission, for any age group, lasting a day, a weekend or a whole week.
  • How to run a children’s camp or holiday club – We’ll train you to run a really effective children’s or young people’s event.

Evangelism Essentials – evangelism training for churches

Our free online Evangelism Essentials training course which is ideal for helping church members to become more skilled and confident in evangelism – whether you call that outreach, witness, or just sharing your faith.

It might be something to deliver to a large group, or a specific evangelism sub-group, or a small number of church staff. It’s up to you.

This evangelism training course is delivered using a blend of group Zoom sessions and videos to watch in your own time.

Find out more about our FREE online Evangelism Essenitals training, including what we’ll cover and the next start date.

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