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By March 7, 2018OAC Events

OAC National has a number of short-term missions arranged for this year and we are looking for people to join us in street evangelism. The missions will be led by experienced OAC evangelists who will preach the Gospel using a mix of the sketchboard, magic tricks and escapology. As well as preachers we are looking for people to join the team. Team members should be able to share the Gospel individually with people we meet on the street.

Members of the street team on a short-term mission will need to be able to work as part of a team, be able to share the basics of the Gospel, be able to listen to people and to be teachable. There will be scope on some of the short-term missions to learn new skills as the mission proceeds.

If you would like to get involved in a short-term mission on the streets please get in touch to discuss where you might go and what you could do. The dates for the short-term missions are listed below.

“Go Mission”          London       April 3rd – 7th     This short-term mission is in conjunction with K180

Streetcorner          Romania     May 7th – 12th     An international training week in creative evangelism

Brighton Fringe     Brighton     May 12th – 13th  and  19th – 20th

Streetwise               Cardiff         July 2nd – 6th    This is a practical week’s course learning how to evangelise on the streets

Oliver’s Army          Yorkshire     July 16th – 20th

As well as running short-term missions we have regular street teams evangelising in different parts of the country. We also have several training courses available where you can learn how to effectively evangelise on the streets.

For more details on evangelism training click HERE

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