“And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” – John 14:13

Prayer Support

While we’re all called to bear witness to Christ and our hope in Him, we’re not all called to be Evangelists.  Those of us who are called in this way know it’s exciting and rewarding work – but it can also be difficult and lonely.  While we’re confident of the message we carry, we meet challenges as we present it, and that’s why we need your prayer.

Ongoing prayer commitment

All OAC evangelists rely on the partnership of Christians willing to support their ministry through prayer.  Each evangelist produces at least a quarterly update, which you’ll receive if you sign up for an ongoing prayer commitment.  It means you’ll be able to keep OAC in your thoughts and prayers, and we’ll be hugely grateful for your support.

Specific prayer needs

From time to time, OAC or a particular evangelist may have immediate and specific prayer requests.  By connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter, you can find out what to pray about as soon as it’s needed.

General prayer

If you prefer not to sign up for an ongoing prayer commitment, and using social media to connect with us isn’t for you, then we’d appreciate your prayer for issues such as:

  • Protection for our evangelists and their work
  • Good soil rather than hungry birds, rocky places, scorching sun and thorns!
  • Sufficient giving.

Thank You

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