What we offer schools

Headteachers trust us because we’re highly professional, reliable, and sensitive to schools’ needs and concerns.

Our Schools Ministry

OAC has a very extensive and effective schools ministry.  Our schools workers may go into up to 3 or 4 schools every day – speaking to thousands of children and young people every week as we take assemblies and teach RE lessons.

We enjoy excellent relationships with the schools we work in, particularly because we appreciate the legal, educational and cultural issues surrounding schools’ ministry.  That’s why we get invited back again and again.

We can help you to fulfil your statutory duties by planning and delivering fresh, attention-grabbing and imaginative lessons and collective worship’s for you.

All of our workers are DBS-checked and receive regular safeguarding training.

primary pupils

We’re here to help you with exciting assemblies, lessons, or bespoke sessions to deal with your pupils’ questions.

Schools Ministry | RE lesson

Stimulating assemblies plus a range of thought-provoking lessons to get your students thinking.

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