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OAC is privileged to have provided a long-established service in support of RE teaching within secondary schools.

secondary pupils

We offer a range of religious education services to secondary schools in England & Wales. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, please don’t hesitate to ask – we can also plan bespoke activities for schools.

24 Hours That Changed the World*

Loosely based on the TV drama 24,  this lesson follows the events of the last 24 hours of Jesus’ ministry on earth, with a clock counting down from the Last Supper to Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. It’s an ideal way to explore the meaning and significance of Easter. 24 hours can be delivered by us, or we can equip you to deliver it yourselves.

24 hours lasts around 50 minutes, and can be adjusted to fit your timetable. It is an interactive multi-media presentation incorporating music, video and group work. There are 2 main ways to use 24 hours:

  • For individual classes – helping students to study key moments in the ministry of Jesus; Biblical teaching on forgiveness; truth; Christian beliefs on eternal life; the impact of the past on beliefs and practices in today’s society; and more.
  • With whole year groups – for an extended period of collective worship, offering pupils an opportunity to consider this major Christian festival and its significance today. During the session, there are opportunities for peaceful reflection.

Assemblies & RE lessons

Every year, OAC delivers memorable, thought-provoking assemblies and RE lessons for many secondary schools. Our creative approach has proved extremely effective at capturing and holding students’ attention.

24 Hours has been a great success… the assemblies were inspirational and the presentation really made students think about Jesus… Awesome.”
RE teacher, St Teilos Church in Wales High School, Cardiff

CSI Jerusalem*

Designed as a follow-up to 24 Hours , CSI Jerusalem considers evidence gathered during the 3 days after the burial of Jesus. It offers perspectives from 6 key individuals, including a real-life police officer, undertaker, pathologist, and judge, and it involves video, case studies and teamwork. CSI Jerusalem can be delivered by us, or we can equip you to deliver it yourselves.

This also lasts around 50 minutes, but can be adjusted to fit your timetable.

A Sideways Look – KS 4 & 5

A Sideways Look is a photographic exhibition which recreates and re-imagines famous religious and Renaissance paintings to make them accessible to a younger contemporary audience. It offers the opportunity for an unusual cross-curricular day for secondary schools, or subject-specific lessons particularly for GCSE/A Level art, photography and RE classes.

The images remain true to the original messages of the painting and Bible text while interpreting them through the lens of modern symbolism and metaphor. The images are available as framed prints or on pull-up stands for display in various settings and venues.

* Created jointly by OAC GB, CCSW & OM Wales.

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