Streetwise Monthly evangelism training

Want to get into street evangelism, but can’t spare the time for our intensive 2-day course? Join us for the Streetwise Monthly course. It's the same course spread over one Saturday a month, from February until May. Just 4 months to benefit from our 60 years of street evangelism experience!

Streetwise Monthly details

Location: The Angel Church, Chadwell Street, Angel Islington, London –
Dates: Saturday 24th February, Saturday 23rd March, Saturday 27th April and Saturday 25th May 2024
Cost: £70*
Maximum attendees: 15

* If you can’t afford the full cost, we may be able to help with a discretionary grant to help cover part of it.

Who leads the course?

The course is led by the local OAC GB evangelists.

Find out more about Streetwise

More information about Streetwise evangelism training course content.

If you have any questions, please get in touch – there’s no obligation.

Kevin Welch street evangelism

Option A – Streetwise Intensive

A 2-day residential course.

Option C – Streetwise Bespoke

For your own organisation, in the format, location and duration of your choice, and even tailored to your context.  Ask about Streetwise Bespoke evangelism training.

“I feel greatly stretched and equipped to share the gospel with the sketchboard.”


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