Taking the gospel to the streets

OAC Ministries finds as many creative ways as possible to present the good news of the love of God, especially in the open air and often in partnership with churches, schools, camps and major events. We’re part of Open Air Campaigners International, a worldwide interdenominational mission.

We partner with churches

We love encouraging local churches with their evangelism, especially as we recognise it can be challenging. We could run a training course for you, or deliver an open-air or church mission, or run a holiday club, for example. We can also support you with your schools work. Just let us know how we can help…

What we offer churches

We go into schools

We have one of the most extensive and effective schools ministries in the UK: headteachers trust us because we’re professional, reliable, and sensitive to schools’ needs and concerns. Ask us about fresh, attention-grabbing and imaginative lessons & collective worship in both primary and secondary schools…

What we offer schools


Find out what we do

We are Christian street evangelists who use the power of creative storytelling to share the love of God in a wide range of public settings. We work anywhere, but we especially partner with churches and schools.

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Our evangelists

Our evangelists are men & women dedicated to bringing the message of Christ to Britain’s streets. They also work closely with local schools & churches. Ask your local evangelist how they can support you!

Meet our evangelists.

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Streetwise evangelism training

Streetwise is a fantastic practical evangelism training course which is ideal for anyone who wants to get into, or brush up on, street evangelism. Streetwise is usually delivered in London, one Saturday per month from January to June each year or as a week-long summer residential.

About Streetwise training

March 14, 2018

National Newsletter

Hot off the press – OAC National Newsletter, read about evangelists around the country

Short-termmission Events
March 7, 2018

Short-term Missions

OAC National has a number of short-term missions arranged for this year and we are looking for people to join us in street evangelism. The missions will be led by experienced OAC evangelists who will preach the Gospel using a mix of the sketchboard, magic tricks and escapology. As well…

school assembly Events
February 9, 2018


Schoolwise is an engaging and interactive practical OAC training course where you can learn how to take a relevant, gripping and fun Bible-based primary school assembly. This January, Training Director Steve Harris ran a successful week’s Schoolwise OAC training course based in Cardiff. At the end of the week all…

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Mini-mission in Bordeaux.

Pray for Peter and Alison Kennelly as they are joined this weekend for a mini-mission by OACGB evangelists Steve Gurnett, Gareth Owen, Jenny Carroll, Dave Mwaniki and Marios Kaikitis.

Pray for a fruitful time and also that Peter and Alison will be encouraged.
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One of our Aussie evangelists put this on his page. Love it. Let's do our bit. ... See MoreSee Less

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Encouraging testimony from "Go Chatter" of a pregnant woman who was diagnosed with cancer just a few days after her 12 week scan.
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A recent survey of children asked if they could identify famous Bible stories. A third did not know the Nativity came from the Bible.

36% didn't identify the Good Samaritan as a Bible story. 41% for Samson and Delilah and 59% didn't know either David and Goliath or Jonah and the Whale were from the Bible.

OAC regularly run training courses in storytelling and learning to lead school assemblies, why not come along to training course and help reverse the trend.
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A recent survey asked children if they could identify famous Bible stories. Almost a third didn't identify the Nativity as being a Bible story.

36% didn't know the Good Samaritan came from the Bible. 41% for Samson and Delilah and 59% for both David and Goliath and Jonah and the Whale.

OAC run regular training to teach storytelling and also to learn to take school assemblies. Why not join one of our training courses and help reverse this trend.
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Never let it be said that OAC evangelists are put off preaching by the weather. Well done Jenny. ... See MoreSee Less

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Last day of the OAC Eurozone Conference. ... See MoreSee Less

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As we are staying in a hotel for the OAC conference we offered to perform a magic show as part of the evenings entertainment.

Photos show Ben doing a couple of card tricks, Steve performing escapology and Pete doing a Gospel rope trick to around 150 attentive guests. A very good evening.
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Caption competition! ... See MoreSee Less

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