Mission to Albania and Romania

By September 22, 2022OAC News

After two Covid years, mission travel finally happened in May. We loaded up our motorhome with supplies of paint, paper, and puppets for the Albanians. Of course we then needed to load all of our own equipment. We meandered across Europe for a couple of weeks, until we arrived in Albania at the beginning of June.

It was so good to meet up with all our friends in Albania over the next four weeks! They’ve had a tough time over the last couple of years. We were able to listen, encourage and minister to many hearts. There were many coffees, crepes, and meals in great company.

But it wasn’t all cakes and coffee! We ran 8 children’s programmes and 15 training seminars, mainly on children’s work, but also open-air work and ventriloquism. Mike preached 5 times and I did a couple of ladies meetings. We also did open airs in the park, although some were sadly rained off! In all we worked with 9 different churches.

At the end of June, we travelled on to Romania and headed for the OAC Camp at Somesu Rece. Around eighty 7-12 year olds arrived for 5 days of camp. It was organised and led by Traian, Lidia and Delia of OAC Romania with a great team of young helpers. It was a time of fun, games, sports, and crafts. Each morning and evening I had the privilege of teaching on the life of Daniel.

We then had a week back in Alba Iulia at the OAC base there. We washed 90 sets of bed linen and prepared for the next camp at a different camp site. We had a fabulous time there, teaching on Joseph for 7-16 year olds.

Then it was back to the OAC Camp for our final week with the 12-14 year olds. The theme was Daniel again! It was a real joy to see many children and young people respond to the gospel in each of the camps. Please pray they will go on with God.

Finally, we headed home, grateful for the Lord’s blessing, provision and protection over almost three months and 5250 miles!

If you would like to support future missions to Albania and Romania contact Dawn Getley.