Brighton Fringe Festival 2023

Peter Kennelly preaching at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2023

Brighton Fringe Festival

The Brighton Fringe Festival is an open-access arts festival held annually in Brighton.  It is the largest annual arts festival in England and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world.

For many years OAC have run a Brighton Fringe Festival Mission to coincide with the festival.  Over one of the festival weekends we head out to do street evangelism alongside the festival acts.

The 2023 Mission

OAC Evangelists from many different places descended on Brighton this year to share the gospel.  Our teams were based on East Street and New Road.  They were sharing the gospel using a combination of sketchboard, magic, escapology and the true or false board.

All of the presentations were received warmly.  Over the weekend we were able to share the gospel with people from many different places including a very large group of teenagers from Czechia (Czech Republic).   We spoke with people in all kinds of situations and with many views about faith.


Please pray for all of those we spoke to, but especially:

  • A young guy who spoke of knowing a peace when visiting a friends house where the mother was a Christian.  He wanted to know more about Jesus and so took a gospel of John.
  • A nominally Christian lady who encountered us on her birthday.  She took a New Testament and reading notes feeling that it was a sign from God that she’d met us on that day.
  • A disabled lady who was brought up as a Catholic.  She turned her back on Catholicism after discovering that her grandmother believed her disability was a curse from God.  She had experienced issues with drugs and had tried to commit suicide numerous times.  She has been sober since waking from a coma 2 years ago and believes that God has kept her alive for a reason.  We challenged her that we believed that reason was so that she could trust in Him.  She took a John’s gospel to read and find out more for herself.
  • A young man who was very open but felt he needed more time before making a decision.  We were able to direct him to a local church to find out more.

If you would like to join one of our short term missions please check out the page on our website to find out how to register.