OAC Evangelists Conference 2022

By November 23, 2022OAC News, Past Events
Owen Cottom at OAC Evangelists Conference 2022

At the beginning of November we had our annual OAC Evangelists Conference at Hebron Hall in South Wales.  As always it was a great time of fellowship and encouragement.  Throughout the Conference we received great teaching to help us in our ministry as Evangelists.

Bible Teaching

Owen Cottom from Grace Church, Cardiff led our Bible Teaching as he has for many years.  This year he led us through Matthew 2 contrasting Herod with the Magi, with Joseph and with the child.  As always his teaching was engaging and challenging, leaving us with much to think about.

Main Speakers

Martin Povey from the Association of Evangelists brought two sessions on Cultural Trends Affecting Evangelism.  He particularly got us thinking about how society has warped God’s story to fit their own narrative.  He then helped us to think about how we might speak into this new story to share the gospel more effectively.

Hannah Fleming-Hill from FH Digital encouraged us to think about how we could use digital media to improve our ministry and mission and afterwards Owen Batstone of Park End Church, Cardiff challenged us on how we approach the issue of Transgenderism in our evangelism.

The conference finished with Carl Beech of Edge Ministries.  He shared about how they were changing the traditional approach to church to better reach forgotten people in forgotten places.  Afterwards he challenged us on how we could live more holy lives to create an atmosphere where people would want to know more about Jesus.

We also had a talk from one of our associates, Jonathan Harris, on how to be better Teacher-Evangelists.  This was followed by our soon to be National Director, Steve Harris, challenging us to be spending more time with Jesus.

We also had our ideas sharing session which is always one of the favourite parts of the conference as it helps all of us to think more creatively about how we share the Gospel.

OAC Evangelists Conference 2023

The OAC Evangelists Conference 2022 was a great time of fellowship, encouragement and equipping.  If you’re an Evangelist or are just looking for good teaching and encouragement in your evangelism why not join us for our Conference in 2023?  Next year we will be at Hebron Hall from Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th November.  Roger Carswell is already confirmed as one of the main speakers.  If you would like to be notified when further details of next year’s conference are released please just contact us.