Online Evangelism Training

By September 28, 2020OAC Events, Training
street evangelism

Online evangelism training for street evangelism is back on.

We had to postpone the start due to sickness but we will be commencing on Monday 26th October at 1930.

They say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ which may or may not be true. However one of the positive effects of the coronavirus is that it has prompted us to put together a package of online evangelism training. We have talked about this for several years but have always been too busy – until now!

The training is FREE and will be partly done by Zoom and partly by video. There will be four weekly Zoom meetings starting at 1930 each week and 6+ videos. The videos can watched in your own time.

After completing the theory we’ll discuss with you individually how to arrange practical training and practice. For instance it may be possible for you to join one of our existing regular outreaches. Alternatively we might be able to bring a team to your church for part of the weekend and put it all into practice.

The online evangelism training will cover the following:-

Zoom sessions will include:-

  • What is the Gospel?
  • How to share your story.
  • Starting and maintaining conversations.
  • Defending your beliefs.

Videos will include:-

  • The law and street evangelism.
  • Working as a team member on the streets.
  • Literature evangelism.
  • The Engel Scale.
  • Using a sketchboard .
  • Other creative methods, techniques and ideas for street evangelism.

To register your interest and obtain the Zoom log-in details email Marten at [email protected]